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Sonoanatomy images are ultrasound images that have been chosen and slightly augmented to clearly demonstrate the sonoanatomy. Coloured overlays can be placed on and off the images by the user making it easy to visualise individual anatomical structures. The images are not intended to represent your average image  but rather to be a clear demonstration of the anatomical structures. This enables understanding of the sonoanatomy, which can then be applied to the images from your patient. Multiple examples from different individuals are included to demonstrate some inter-individual variability.

Landmark pattern sketches highlight sonoanatomy landmarks commonly used for pattern recognition of major anatomical structures. These can also be useful for residents having to draw sonoanatomy for exams.

Innervation images map cutaneous, motor, osseous and visceral sensory innervation for each nerve and fascial plane block.  Comparing and combining block effects with different coloured overlays is possible on these screens.


Ergonomic pictures demonstrate suggested positioning of patient, probe and screen for efficient scanning and block performance.

Loops are included for mobile structures (heart and lungs).

Notes from experienced practitioners share practical block tips and ultrasound scanning tips.

Once downloaded the app does not require an internet connection to run. All the content is stored on your phone so it will always run seamlessly. There is no advertising.  AnSo is designed to be time efficient and practical for the busy anaesthetist to use in the operating theatre environment.
As this is a rapidly expanding field, AnSo has been built with a content management system that allows it to be be frequently updated as new roles for perioperative ultrasound are developed, and new understandings of sonoanatomy appear in the literature. 
Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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