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AnSo is a collection of ultrasound images chosen to clearly demonstrate sonoanatomy. They are not meant to represent your average patient but rather to be a clear demonstration of the anatomical structures to enable understanding of the sonoanatomy.

Surface anatomy images give an indication of where the probe is placed. Landmark sketches demonstrate common patterns to look for, and can be useful for students having to draw  sonoanatomy for exams.

Short loops try to demonstrate some dynamic features like anisotropy, compressibility, relationships and movements.

Individual anatomical structures are highlighted by colour overlays that can be placed on and off the images as the user requires.

AnSo is planned to be updated as new roles for perioperative ultrasound are developed, and new understandings of sonoanatomy appear in the literature. Once downloaded the app does not require and internet connection to run. All the content is stored on your phone. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Probe Position Screen

AnSo allows the user to identify sonoanatomy by placing single or multiple colour overlays on and off the ultrasound images.

The probe position screen displays surface anatomy photos of probe positions.

Landmark Screen

Landmarks commonly used for pattern recognition or major structure are displayed using chalkboard sketches.

Sonoanatomy Screen